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Translations of Hungarian poetry by women
Poems by Ágnes Gergely in Two LinesPoems by Ágnes Gergely in HLO Poems by Ágnes Gergely in EuropeNow
Anna T. Szabó on HLO: ’44, Tiresias, Escher
Krisztina Tóth on Eastern European Triptych
Three short poems by Zsuzsa Beney on HLO
Piroska Reichard (1884-1943), on HLO
Translations from the work of Edina Szvoren "Éva Popa", a short story, in Words Without Borders"The Brief Nights of the Innkeeper", a short story, on HLOTranslations from the work of Gábor Schein | prose "The Politics of Memory: Against Viktor Orbán’s gaming of history", in The Baffler"My Gate", an essay in the New England Review"The Brief Nights of the Innkeeper", a short story by Edina Szvoren, on HLO
On politics and literature in Hungary, in Words Without Borders excerpt from Autobiographies of an Angel, on HLOIn Memoriam Szilárd Borbély, Asymptotean excerpt from Swedish, in Literary Exchanges translations from the work of Gábor Schein | poetry "Come Back" on"Beyond the Cordons" on"Preparations for a City" on lyrikline.deExcerpt from the children's book Iriyam and Yonibe, on HLOPoems, in almostisland"Double Inundations" in The Missing Slate "like the illuminators" on HLO "the return of the letters" on HLO"Come Back" in Two Linestranslations from the work of György Dragomán"The Puppet Theater" in The Paris Review "The Guest" in Words Without BordersExcerpt from The Bone Fire on Lithub.comOpening pages of The Bone Fire on HLOtranslations from the work of László Földényi:"Sleep and the Dream" in The Paris Review "Goya's Dog" on HLO"The Spaces of the Living Dead", HERITO Magazine [print only]translations from the work of Szilárd Borbély | poetry "Vienna-Blue, Flies" by Szilárd Borbély, on HLOPoems from In a Bucolic Land, in The BafflerPoems in The Paris ReviewPoems from Final Matters: Selected Poems, 2004-2010 in Literary Imagination The Matyó Embroidery in Poetry Magazine:poems from Berlin-Hamlet in EuropeNow"To Anatomy" in World Literature Today:Excerpt from the verse drama Olaszliszka in the Michigan Quarterly Review [pdf]“Invalidenstrasse” & other poems in The American ReaderFour poems in Asymptote translations from the work of Szilárd Borbély | prose Excerpts from Kafka's Son, on HLOan excerpt from The Dispossessed in The White Reviewtranslations from the work of László Krasznahorkai"Many Realities, or None at All" in the New York Times"Warning" Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming, in Lithub"I Don't Need Anything from Here," in The New Yorker"Kamo-Hunter" from Seiobo There Below, in The White ReviewInterview with Ion Grigorescu, in The American Reader"The Exiled Queen" in Harper's Magazine"The Jerusalem Address"  in Music and Literaure"Ze'Ami is Leaving" from Seiobo There Below, in Music and Literaure Commission for Evil / László Krasznahorkai with Péter Eötvös, in Music and LiteraureExcerpt from Animalinside in The White Review"Something Is Burning Outside" in The Guardian"Road to Nowhere"  in Harper's Magazine Animalinside in The New York Review of Books "At The Western Gate": a short story by Zsolt Láng "Almanac": a cycle of poems by  Miklós Radnóti"Bread Tags": a cycle of poems by Ferenc SzijjA Tao of One's Own: poems by István Vörös on HLO[ ottilie mulzet ]