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"Stopping the Void", in The Paris Review - on translation and adoptionThe Puppet Theater: Fiction by György Dragomán, in Winter 2020 issue of the Paris Review Translating Central European Women Poets: a discussion moderated by Alexandra Büchler Poems by Ágnes Gergely in EuropeNow"Sleep and the Dream": László Földényi in The Paris Review Reading from György Dragomán's The Bone Fire in Hungarian and English at the Sant Jordi Festival in New York/videoNational Book Award acceptance by László Krasznahorkai and Ottilie Mulzet [statement]/videoA screenshot of László Krasznahorkai accepting the 2019 National Book Award in Translated LiteratureExcerpt from Dostoyevsky Reads Hegel in Siberia and Bursts into Tears by László F. Földényi in The Paris Review[ ottilie mulzet ]Szilárd Borbély in Literary Imagination: Final Matters: Selected Poems 2004-2010Szilárd Borbély in The Paris Review: PoemsSzilárd Borbély in Poetry Magazine: The Matyó EmbroiderySzilárd Borbély: poems from Berlin-Hamlet in EuropeNowSzilárd Borbély in The White Review: an excerpt from The DispossessedSzilárd Borbély in World Literature Today: "To Anatomy" [poem $]Szilárd Borbély in Michigan Quarterly Review: excerpt from Olaszliszka [pdf]Szilárd Borbély: four poems in Asymptote

Poems by Gábor Schein in Two LinesGábor Schein in Asymptote  (In Memoriam Szilárd Borbély)Gábor Schein in Literary Exchanges: an excerpt from Swedish Poems by Gábor Schein on HLO"(like the illuminators)": poems by Gábor Schein on HLO"Double Inundations": poem by Gábor Schein in The Missing Slate"Something Is Burning Outside" by Laszlo Krasznahorkai in The Guardian"The Exiled Queen" by László Krasznahorkai in Harper's Magazine"Road to Nowhere" by László Krasznahorkai in Harper's Magazine A discussion of Seiobo There Below with Veronica Esposito/audioAnimalinside in The New York Review of Books László Krasznahorkai and Forrest Gander reading from Animalinside at Brown University/video
"Goya's Dog": An Essay by László Földényi’44, Tiresias, Escher: a poem by Anna T. SzabóA Tao of One's Own: Poems by István Vörös on HLO/1A Tao of One's Own: Poems by István Vörös on HLO/2Poems by Ferenc Szijj on HLO"Pigeon": a short story by Krisztina TóthKrisztina Tóth on lyrikline: Eastern European Triptych"Almanach": a cycle of poems by Miklós Radnóti"At The Western Gate": a short story by Zsolt Láng Two short stories by Frigyes Karinthy