Gábor Schein
A photograph of Hungarian writer Gábor Schein

One of the most exciting and incisive writers to emerge in post-Communist Hungary, Gábor Schein is the author of 10 books of poetry and 5 novels. Schein's work addresses the trauma and complicity of survivorhood in intensely lyrical prose. His examination of contemporary Hungarian society, and its legacy from the 20th century, evinces an unflinching gaze matched by few other authors.

Books by Gábor Schein in translation by Ottilie Mulzet:

Autobiographies of an Angel, Yale University Press, 2022
n's Autobiographies of an Angel, translated by Ottilie Mulzet. The cover, rendered in subtle grey tones, shows a bok that appears to be getting smaller and flying away. The words of the title are interspersed with the images of the book.
The Book of Mordechai / Lazarus (with Adam Z. Levy), Seagull Books, 2017
ook of Mordechai and Lazarus, by Gábor Schein
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