forthcoming translations Szilárd Borbély, In a Bucolic Land, NYRB Poets, Jan. 2022
cover of NYRB Poets of In a Bucolic Land, by Szilárd Borbély, tr. Ottilie Mulzet
László Krasznahorkai, A Mountain to the North, A Lake to the South, Paths to the West, A River to the East, New Directions, 2022Gábor Schein, Autobiographies of an Angel, Yale University Press, 2022
n's Autobiographies of an Angel, translated by Ottilie Mulzet. The cover, rendered in subtle grey tones, shows a bok that appears to be getting smaller and flying away. The words of the title are interspersed with the images of the book.
Szilárd Borbély, Kafka's Son, Seagull Books, 2023István Vörös, Thomas Mann's Overcoat, Seagull Books, 2024László Krasznahorkai, Herscht 07769, New Directions[ ottilie mulzet ]