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Tibor Déry Prize 2020 (awarded by the Tibor Déry Foundation)National Book Award for Translated Literature (US) 2019 - Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming, by László Krasznahorkai

Judges' Citation:
At the end of his life, Baron Wenckheim returns to a small town in Hungary, in search of his lost love. From this, László Krasznahorkai forges a fictional universe populated with rogues and visionaries, at once epic and intimate, apocalyptic and deeply comic. Ottilie Mulzet’s remarkable translation captures the density of his extended sentences, their many twists and pivots, and the slow accumulation of their extraordinary intellectual and moral force. Singular and uncompromising, Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming is a masterpiece by one of the great writers of our time.

Man Booker International Translator's Award, with George Szirtes 2015 - Lifetime Acheivement Award for László Krasznahorkai

Judges' Citation:
Laszlo Krasznahorkai  is a visionary writer of extraordinary intensity and vocal range who captures the texture of present day existence in scenes that are terrifying, strange, appallingly comic, and often shatteringly beautiful. The Melancholy of Resistance, Satantango and Seiobo There Below are magnificent works of deep imagination and complex passions, in which the human comedy verges painfully onto transcendence. Krasznahorkai, who writes in Hungarian, has been superbly served by his translators, George Szirtes and Ottilie Mulzet.’

Best Translated Book Award 2014 - Seiobo There Below, by László Krasznahorkai

Judges' Citation:
But in the end one thing was clear: out of a shortlist of ten contenders that did not lack for ambition, Seiobo There Below truly overwhelmed us with its range... The book also takes bold steps forward in terms of how we think of the form of the novel, and our expectation of how a novel works and what it can attempt to do. In its scope, its depth, and its amazing precision, we found Seiobo There Below to be a work of rare genius. We were likewise very enthusiastic about Mulzet’s translation, which is astonishing for its beauty and its technical skill. In this book of nearly 500 pages, filled with sentences that range on for pages at a time, as well as all sorts of specialized jargon and obscure details, Mulzet doesn’t hit a false note, a truly amazing accomplishment.

Shortlisted for Best Translated Book Award 2017 - Szilárd Borbély, Berlin-HamletShortlisted for National Translation Award in Poetry 2017 - Szilárd Borbély, Berlin-HamletShortlisted for PEN America Poetry in Translation Prize 2020 - Szilárd Borbély, Final Matters: Selected Poems 2004-2010Shortlisted for Man Booker International Prize 2018 - László Krasznahorkai, The World Goes On (with George Szirtes and John Batki)Creative EU grant for translation of short stories by Edina Szvoren, 2021PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant for translation of The Swede, by Gábor Schein, 2019English PEN Translates award for UK publication of Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming, by László Krasznahorkai, 2018[ ottilie mulzet ]